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Written By: Chuck Roy  Follow @ChuckRoy S-U-C-K-S-E-S-S! That’s the funny way to spell success. Today’s joke post is a Sucksessory, an awful way to motivate someone.  I’m not sure how this happened.  I followed my usual joke writing routine, a … Continued

Homeless Twink Jokes!

This Joke May Get Fired! WRITTEN BY: Chuck Roy   Follow @ChuckRoy Homeless Twinks Are Bear Back! These jokes have made it back into my routine.  They’re hard to write sometimes because the topic is so cruel.  But damnit, sometimes Homeless … Continued

Office Jokes

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CAUTION!  One Joke Is NSFW. WRITTEN BY: Chuck Roy  Follow @ChuckRoy Successful Thursdays! On Thursdays I like to post office jokes for this semi-daily, daily jokes blog.  My fancy little self imagines people finding these jokes and saving them to … Continued

Trumped Up Jokes!

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The Latest Craze Is A Joke! WRITTEN BY: Chuck Roy FOLLOW @ChuckRoy New This Week!  Trumping! Earlier this week people started Trumping their cat and sharing the photos on social networks.  Other pets soon followed the trend and now this … Continued

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