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Hand crafted, original jokes from Chuck Roy, Denver’s stand-up comedy performing Bear.

Bearly Fresh Comedy

What is his secret?

Secret Audience Survey | February 2017

Take the Secret Audience Survey ...
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Fake News Paperboy Earns Millions

Are You Joking About Politics?

Bearly Serious Advice About Being Funny ...
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Latest Comedy Shows

Secret Comedy Club Location #002 Cal Sheridan’s Late Night Calentine’s Special Chuck Roy's Dirty #XXXmas Comedy Show 2017

Breaking News Memes

This is what America Looks like - Jokes.ChuckRoy.com

This Is What America Looks Like

My First Airport Protest Video ...
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Trump Breaks CNN - jokes

Trump Breaks CNN!

Top 5 Tweets That Crashed CNN’s Website ...
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Office Comedy

Brought to you by the Suit and Tie Comedy Show
Trumps Hand Up A Skirt Joke

How To Land Jokes At The Office

How To Pick A Safe Target Like A Bank Robber! ...
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Bearly at the Office - Chuck Roy - Cheesmen Park

Bearly My Office

Here's The View From My Bench ...
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How To Write A Joke - Banner

Stock photo of wedding rings and dice that read LOVE. Caption, "Somebody rolled craps!"

How To Write A Funny Valentine

This Blog Started With Jokes For A Twink ...
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Caption This Photo of the Declaration of Independence #MuslimBan

What Would Founding Fathers Do?

#WWFFD? They Would Caption This Photo!!! ...
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Hump Day Humor

How To Get Over Hillary Clinton

3 Ways To Get Over Hillary

Accepting What Happened ...
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Ugly Bridesmaid Dress joke

Bearing Relationships

I’m Single Because I Tell The Truth ...
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comedy shows - hire a comedian

YLH 250x250 Square

Learn How To Be Funny, Comedy101.ChuckRoy.com

Homeless Twink Jokes

Homeless twink jokes - skate

Fresh Homeless Twink Jokes!

Skate Thru These Wicked Gay Jokes! ...
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5 Romantic Things Homeless Twinks Say

What He Means When He Says “S’up” ...
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Funny Toasts

Introduction To Joke Writing - Comedy101

Introduction To Joke Writing

Learn How To Write A Joke With Comedy101 ...
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Thumbs Up SCOTUS

Scalia Joke

Thumbs Up SCOTUS! ...
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