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5 Romantic Things Homeless Twinks Say

What He Means When He Says “S’up”

5 Romantic Things Homeless Twinks Say - gay jokes

He’s handsome.  He’s homeless.  And you’re wondering if he’s into you.  Most likely he’s into your wallet or drugs but there’s the small chance that Cinderella, or Cinderfella, is romantically interested.  There are 5 Romantic Things Homeless Twinks Say.  Here’s how to know when “S’up” means, ‘I want to suck your dick and buy you dinner.”

Here are 5 Romantic Things Homeless Twinks Say

#1 When Your Homeless Twink Says “S’up” He Means “Are you interested?”

Jokes-ChuckRoy-com Homeless Twink S'UPHe Doesn’t Mean Supper.

Homeless Twinks vocabulary is like their financial situation, broken.

When a young man is trying to survive on the streets spending time on a second syllable is like spending money on education, its stoopid.  So, when your Homeless Twink says “S’up”, he likely means ‘hello’ and:

What “S’up” means:

  • Do you have drugs?
  • Do you have money?
  • Do you want to buy drugs?
  • Do you want to buy me drugs?
  • Do you want to give me drugs for sex?
  • If you give me drugs you can suck my dick.
  • If you pay me for enough drugs I will suck your dick.
5 Romantic Things Homeless Twinks Say 250

The skill is to avoid ANY of these situations.  To enjoy romance with a Homeless Twink you need a guy on his way up. Speaking of upward movement, “What’s up?”

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Chuck Roy's Dirty #XXXmas Comedy Show - live comedy - denver - colorado - USA#2 “What’s Up?” With The Long Sentence

Two syllables, three words and a contraction of mutual attraction?  Here’s what he really wants to say:

  • Seriously, do you have drugs?
  • Money, drugs?
  • What the fuck do you want?

You want romance.  He’s a street bro.

#3 “Huh?”

This reaction to your romantic proposal can send your heart pounding faster than a good top on a tight bottom.  Butt here’s what’s most likely being communicated:

  • I have a date with drugs.
  • My girlfriend’s mother’s boyfriend sucks my dick.
  • Does this mean there’s no money or drugs?

NOTE: If ‘huh?’ is communicated during sex then it means ‘I don’t know what that is but I’ll probably do it.’  For many Homeless Twinks doing anything but nothing is romantic.

#4 LOL

Homeless Twink Clinton Intern - gay jokes - Bill Clinton - cigarAre you texting with a Homeless Twink?  Does his phone work?  Is he paying for the service or the government?  If he’s paying, texting and laughing he’s a…well, not a keeper, but probally a hot fucking weekend!

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#5 Taco Bell?

Jokes-ChuckRoy-com Homeless Twink Taco BellThe most romantic restaurant for a dollar.  He’s asking you to dinner.  Grab two packets of hot sauce and start singing T’aint Misbehavin’.  Enjoy your evening, try the veal!

5 Romantic Things Homeless Twinks Say - Jokes.ChuckRoy.comWhere can you get more Homeless Twink jokes?

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