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How To Land Jokes At The Office

How To Pick A Safe Target Like A Bank Robber!

Trumps Hand Up A Skirt Joke

Here’s Why It Is Okay To Tell Jokes At The Office

Comedy helps people bond.  Group laughter is evidence of a conclusion.  Comedy teaches a team to delivers a quick, well-executed message.  By getting a laugh your team draws an effective conclusion.  To laugh requires active listening.  With the right use of humor your team can land jokes at the office.

When comedy is used appropriately it can create a memorable, repeatable joyful message that shares well with others.

However, when office humor knocks down a target like a co-worker the consequences can be offensive.  This article will help you discover winning ways to land your punchlines.

The Key Is To Joke Down And Lift Up

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The Object Of Your Comedy Is To Get A Good Laugh

I’ve hosted close to 1,000 live comedy shows including live TV broadcasts, film festivals at Red Rocks Amphitheater and our locally owned Colorado Comedy Shows.  Hosting a comedy show has similarities to holding a meeting.  They both run about 90-minutes.   Meetings and comedy shows can start with a cold audience and late attendees.

My experience is that starting a comedy show with a big laugh helps the audience arrive earlier the next time.  There is evidence for this.  Late Night TV shows like Saturday Night Live get attention before the big election debates for what they will say days after the debate. Large audiences tune in to see the parody.  If you start your meetings with a laugh like the “Joke of the Meeting” then you may see a healthy return on attendance.

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Insult the “Other Guy”

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Be A Prophet Of Healthy Profit Messages

My peers compliment my ability to use insult humor to build an audience into roaring laughter.  The secret is not in the insults but the target of the humor.  Here’s how you can succeed by lifting your team’s spirits with the right comedy targets.

Learn to compliment with humor.

Consider your audience and safe humor targets.  The purpose of office humor is to engage in healthy behavior.  Choose healthy topics.  As a live TV warm-up comedian for the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.  My comedy delivered a hot audience to a rookie comedian who was extremely sensitive if the audience didn’t laugh.  We were #6 in the ratings, the audience was not laughing.  If you are a business leader you might relate to the need for client satisfaction.

My role as warm-up comic focused purely on the audience happiness.  I wasn’t in a role to offer feedback like, “The jokes are bad.”  I had to find effective ways to get the audience to laugh and applaud my client.

I chose to get the audience laughing and clapping at uplifting ideas.  If an audience member had a dour or grumpy face my job was to change that facial expression into glee.

My target of the joke might be the particular audience member.  However, the target of my humor was likely something else, like grumpy people from other audiences.

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I would look the grumpy audience member in the eye and get them to laugh in agreement.   My jokes about those ‘other grumpy’ people turned frowns into smiles, laughter and applause.  If you have tough news to deliver in a meeting and want to lighten the mood afterwards, consider a light-hearted comment that targets a competitor or someone outside the group.

Start Your Next Meeting With A Laugh

On Thursdays I try to post Office Comedy.  A lot of my jokes are wicked gay and dirty, therefore, they may not be the best to start a meeting unless you work somewhere fun like Jokes.ChuckRoy.com.  The memes are fun and funny and if you find your way to sharing them at a real office meeting please, take a photo, and share it with me!

Here’s a clean, mean and profits are lean joke for you to share.

Two Bosses walk into a bar.  They order double whiskeys, finish them quickly and order 2 more.  Bartender asks, “Why are you drinking?”  Boss #1 says, “I started today’s meeting with our Profit and Loss Report.”  Boss #2 says, “I told him to start the meeting with a joke.”

Would you like to start your meetings with a joke that you wrote?

Learn how to write you own joke with this Introduction To Joke Writing.

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