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3 Ways To Get Over Hillary

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Accepting What Happened

3 Ways To Get Over Hillary - How To Get Over Hillary Clinton

Lets Monkey Around Together

This morning nearly half of the United States of America woke up with a President-Elect they did not want.  Their country ‘broke up with them’ and decided to go with someone else to run the Executive Branch, Senate and House of Representatives.  They just got a 90-day notice of non-renewal on their White House lease.  There’s shock and hurt feelings.  Today’s blog post offers a few jokes and tips to get over losing ‘her’.

Take A Moment To Reflect

American voter 2016

Congratulate The Winner.

There was a moment, weeks ago, where I was concerned that Donald Trump would be in-eloquent in defeat.  The night before the Election I noticed how optimistic he was.  And his victory speech is already being noted for a different tone.  He was smart and eloquent to offer Hillary’s concession and congratulations to ‘us’.  These are the small things he does that make a huge difference.  He complimented her and spoke no ill will.  I have found that in the toughest moments of defeat, losing the Semi-Finals on Last Comic Standing, the real joy was in competing hard and losing professionally.  There is goodness in Grace.  So if you’re struggling with the election result breath deep and move forward.  That has often made me feel real good right in the moment of defeat.

Chuck Roy’s Dirty #XXXmas Comedy Show

Find Anything To Agree On

Americans Love Sparklers

Elections Are Awesome!

I’m excited to take a break and enjoy the holidays.  I’m excited at what’s happening at the Community College of Denver.  There’s longterm plans to develop an Entertainment Industry program.  Our Dean is jobs focussed and the student feedback is that they want jobs!  The shifts I forsee in education are moves towards customer service and delivering return on investment for education spending.  Sounds awesome to me!

Wish Hillary, Gary and Jill Well

Today is a day about playing big and being good sports.  Lets think kind and good thoughts of all the people who ran. As you read this, consider offering empathy to Hillary Clinton.  She worked hard and fell short on a goal.  She must be heart broken.  I remember the day I moved from loathing her to offering her empathy and it made me feel better.  It put me in a better place.  It connects me to better people.

Speaking of better people, lets thank all the people who volunteered to work the polls.  That’s a cool thing to do.  It’s a nice contribution to our Country.  And lets glow.  Light up your inner light and find the healthy glow of a happy globe.

Pretty soon, these posts will get back to be all jokes and no commentary.  I’m gonna type, share and work through it.

And if you’re joining me, if you’re reading this and offering kind thoughts and good things know that I believe it works.  I believe it connects us to better places.  I believe, if we all accept President-Elect Trumps offer to unite and heal as a country that we can glow our awesomeness!

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