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This Is What America Looks Like

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My First Airport Protest Video

This is what America Looks like - Jokes.ChuckRoy.com

This Ain’t Funny

There are days when a joke writer must write something serious. Today I’m sharing video from Denver International Airport. I filmed the footage and wrote a few jokes yesterday.

“This Is What America Looks Like” – YouTube

Video from Denver International Airport January 30, 2017

What I saw yesterday was awesome!

There was civil protest politely guarded by the Denver Police.  This wasn’t an organized protest. The Denver Police did the best they could to make a space for us. I don’t think anybody had a permit to protest. If that’s the case then the police found us a sweet spot to enjoy civil disobedience.

How Peaceful Is Your Next Action?

What is your America like today? I have so many friends, from so many countries with so many opinions. Please respect all of my friends and yours! We’ll keep this conversation Bearly civil.

Comment Below With Your View Of America’s Immigration Policy

Please engage in a respectful conversation. This is a jokes blog after all.

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