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Trump Breaks CNN!

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Top 5 Tweets That Crashed CNN’s Website

Trump Breaks CNN - jokes

Bartender Reports Wolf Blitzer Getting Blitzed

President Trump broke the CNN website with 5 tweets.  Jokes.ChuckRoy.com Senior Fake New Reporter Ashleigh Rendersmuch reports that Russian Intelligence Officials leaked a classified report of the most damaging tweets.

Russian Intelligence: Top 5 Trump Tweets That Broke CNN

  1. We broke the China!!!
  2. If Holland sends any more tulips for Easter I’m getting the football!!!
  3. Nobody I know uses Social Security! Billions of dollars wasted!!! #Waste #Fraud #Abuse #DTS
  4. Paris Hilton is the best actress Hollywood never recognizes! She will lead the Department of Education Acting Program!!! #Talented  #BuildAFourthWall
  5. Bears are Filthy Animals!!!

What’s Your Favorite #FakeTrumpTweet?

Jokes.ChuckRoy.com is collecting your favorite #FakeTrumpTweets.  It’s fun!  Step outside your personal politics and try to create a joke that gets a laugh from everybody!  Think of people who respectfully disagree with you on your most passionate issues.  Identify the qualities you respect in your political opponents.  Discover the humanity of your opposition.  Search for common ground through laughter.

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Learn how to write a joke.

Joke Writing Challenge

How can you show respect for your opponents by getting a laugh with the cleverness of joke?

  • Pick your favorite political or public policy passions.
  • Imagine how President Trump would create an inflammatory tweet that distracts media from polices that affect your passions.
  • Discover how and why you respect your political opponent.
  • Create a funny tweet that generates a laugh from people that are for and against your issue.
  • Post your favorite #FakeTrumpTweet in the comment section below.

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