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What Would Founding Fathers Do?

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#WWFFD? They Would Caption This Photo!!!

Caption This Portrait of the Declaration of Independence - #MuslimBan

Lets put this issue in Executive Order.

The Founding Fathers Would Challenge you to caption this photo!!!

Joke writing is a fun and funny challenge. These days joke writing is almost as challenging as it is to be a citizen of the United States of America!

I’m Challenging You To Caption This Photo. Here’s why:

Yesterday was supposed to be a relaxing day off after a fun night performing at the #SoldOut #SecretComedyClub. There was coffee, Meet The Press and the potential to cook up some biscuits and gravy. The news was wall-to-wall with the ‘travel ban’ and protests. Facebook offered slanted opinions huffing both sides. Cooking a quick sausage and egg skillet fed my desire to carry a sign, “I Pray For Peace’. I packed a bag with some cameras, hopped a bike (January in Denver!!!) to the train to the airport.

My First Airport Protest

A woman in an American flag hijab and I, in my American Bear hoodie, rode up an escalator of opposition excitedly riding into the peaceful chanting of the crowd. Our signs and American flag wardrobe made quite the site as we topped the escalator into a cheering crowd. Anybody who joined with a sign or a thumbs up was greeted by the crowd with a rousing cheer. And why not? Like me, they may have decided they could not relax on a couch at home while people were being rejected by the United States of America.

How To Use Your Freedom Of Speech To Thank Your Local Police Officer

A few hours later it was time to go. I went in to thank every Denver police officer that I could find. There were two reasons. Long ago I made friends with several Denver police officers who had an off-duty assignment guarding a comedy club. I know these officers, some of their families and many of their stories. They love Broncos games and Avalanche Stanley Cup victories like anybody else. Many of these officers served on SWAT, guarded the Democratic National Convention and the airport after 9/11. They really do keep us safe.

In researching the Denver Airport Protest I saw a news article pointing out the Denver police had tweeted that they would take no sides in the protest and simply guard civility. And that’s what happened. A bunch of trained officers were able keep the peace and go home that day. Order was kept. And a large Bear could hop off his couch and speak. Others, could speak oppositely.

My politics on this issue are simple.

This was not an emergency and could have been handled by the Congress today, Monday, January 30th, 2017. If it was an emergency, Congress could have showed up to work on a Saturday night…just like Denver police do every Saturday night.

Writing Jokes About Both Sides

Here’s a quick joke I thought of while heading to the protest.

A Joke About The Women’s March

Organizer at the Women’s March, “What do we want!?!”

Crowd, “Uh…”

In today’s post you will find:

  • Jokes about travel ban
  • A joke writing challenge
  • A photo to caption
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Caption This Photo!

Caption This Photo - #MuslimBan

What do you declare these Founding Fathers are saying?

Comment below with your best jokes. The best comments may be used in the next Jokes.ChuckRoy.com newsletter.

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Ideas For This Joke

What would your favorite Founding Father say about this week’s events?

  • What sections of the Constitution apply to this joke?
  • Which Founding Father best matches your politics on the President’s Executive Order?
  • What 18th Century words make your caption funnier?
  • What countries would be banned in 1776?
  • How would the Congress feel about Executive Orders?

Summarize your thoughts in a few words. Do your best to get a laugh from the cleverness of your joke.

How To Caption This Photo

  • Save the photo.
  • Add your funny caption.
  • Post your new joke to the comment section below.

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