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How To Write A Funny Valentine

This Blog Started With Jokes For A Twink

This Blog’s Story Is Funny Because It’s True

Gurl, did you know how this jokes blog started?  I was hosting movie nights at Red Rocks Amphitheater. The twink I was dating asked me to write him a Blond Joke. He meant that I should write one of those funny jokes about dumb blond women. Well, I don’t date dumb blond women. I date twinks…sometimes they are blond.

So I improvised a dumb blond guy joke.

“A magician calls a Blond up on stage and says, ‘Pick a card…any card.’ Blond says, “Ummmm…Birthday!”

He laughed. I got laid. You get a jokes blog.

Fair deal for everyone!  Since that day I started writing more blond jokes and other one liners. They are not my forte. I’m a story telling comedian. Some friend say I can do a whole set, get a ton of laughs and never tell a joke. I’m not sure it’s a compliment but I know what they mean. Sometimes, I just avoid classic joke structure. Well, at 5pm today I teach Comedy at the Community College of Denver. It’s #WordPlayWeek and students will attempt to demonstrate proficiency and mastery of puns, innuendo and other forms of comedy writing.

Here’s how to warm up your pen while warming up your lover’s heart.

Two parrots nested in love. Caption, "I love you like a parrot. I will say what you say."

Try to parrot this joke.

I Love You Like A Simile, Metaphorically Speaking

The object of this comedy writing exercise is to write jokes quickly. Get out your writing device and start this sentence, “I love you like….”. Type it and copy it a few times. You are going to write more than one joke.

  • I love you like…
  • I love you like…

Now, take a moment to think and write some jokes.  Scroll down for some tips on how to write funny jokes for your Valentine’s.

How To Write Funny Valentine’s Jokes

Consider the target of your affection

  • What are their favorite topics?
  • Who would they love to hear a funny, original joke about?

For instance, does your Valentine’s watch the SuperBowl, Grammys or Oscars? You can mine those topics for comedy targets. Is your lover into politics? Makes those laughs exit quicker than General Mike Flynn from the White House.

  • I love you like General Mike Flynn, unconditionally but with a few Russian contacts.
  • Babe, I’m going to love you like a Grammy Award winning song, electronically and overproduced.

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Roses Are Red…So Is Your Edit

Don’t forget to edit your Funny Valentine’s.  Make sure it’s short on words and big on laughs!

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Time to get cracking on some jokes. 

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