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3 Hump Day Jokes

These are fast and funny, Honey!

Photo of neon sign "Work Harder". Caption reads, "Post this over your bed."

This post finishes faster than a twink!

Hello! Today’s post is for Hump Day, a special time when we brag about our sex life.  Or, we try to get through the work week

Let’s get going with a filthy, dirty joke.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Facial Treatment

Photo of twink with brown mud mask on his face. Caption, "When your boyfriend switches to chocolate protein powder."


Joke writing was easy today!

Jokes.ChuckRoy.com "I learned what a twink is!!!"

Caution: DJ joke ahead

DJ looking very closely at his equpment. Caption, "Probably a glitch."

Pun Haters Are Forming A Glitch Mob

Thank you! I had an itch to write that glitch joke and needed to scratch it!

Three Jokes In Every Post

Super Hero of Jokes

Whoops! Was that two many jokes? There’s only supposed to be 3 jokes in every post!!!

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