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Dumb Jokes For Hump Day

The First Joke Is The Tits!

Women in bra. Caption, "Reminder: Time to get canatloupes."

Are you working or working it for a living?

Today is Hump Day, a day for fucking! Or, a day when people with Monday – Friday jobs get over the half-way hump to a pay check

Dumb Things I Could Say At College

  • You can’t call people ‘Dumb’, they are ‘smartly challenged’. – Universal Design Committee Co-Chair
  • The Young Republicans need a faculty advisor. Any volunteers?
  • “Academic Independence”

Free Dumb Jokes

photo of a couple running and bicycling with US flags. Caption, "Couple of flaggots."

God Bless You, Hesse!

I’m a Reaganite. Ronald Reagan starred in movies with a chimpanzee. Donald Trump couldn’t even work with that!

For my friends that are Trump supporters, please feel free to keep visiting and laughing with the jokes. I’m an old school, gay Republican used to defending my party affiliation. I can imagine what it is like for you to defend your Trump affiliation.

Hopefully, for all of us, the joy in political discourse or discussions of statecraft is when we are talking with each other, joyfully debating. The displeasure comes from talking past each other.

For me, I know this is happening when someone asks me to answer for “Republicans”. Do they mean Republicans in office, party officials or voters like you and I?

I’ve found a few fun, eloquent ways to tell friends to back off. And I’ve found it to be a good example of talking past each other.

If you are howling at me about Republicans then you are howling thru me at an imaginary group of people that I communicate with. This reminds me of a conversation I had with Portland, Oregon.

Chuck Roy vs Portland, Oregon

Photo Of Inaugural Ball

Black and white photo of a Rock band, in background is a US flag hung upside down. Caption, "Flag is the new black."

How long before they light it on fire?

It is easy to shock, awe or antagonize an audience. Disparaging the flag and getting into flag burning debates are two more examples of people talk past each other.

My hero Louie Anderson once challenged me to change my approach to hecklers. He confirmed the accuracy of my word gun to take down any challenger.

Louie challenged me to help a heckler find a new way to enjoy the event, such as a comedy show. Instead of shooting down my verbal opponent I was challenged to “get” them.

The challenge became to find victory over the heckler and restore the artistic comedy performance that was interrupted without exiting the heckler into social oblivion. That’s our challenge in global society.

In the United States and North America, we are facing our identities, histories and futures through smartphones and smart tech. We want value for who we are.

Therefore, we need to face the value of those we like the least. It’s pointless to yell at each other when have the tools, time and technology to patiently talk to each other.

Things We Can Say To Change The World

  • Good Morning!
  • Please and Thank You
  • I’m listening.
  • How Are You?
  • What do you think?

Do you like my jokes blog?

Seriously, what do you think?  Your opinion matters.  Who is the most thought provoking person that you disagree with but enjoy listening too?  And why?  Please comment below.

For example, Senator Bernie Sanders is the most thought provoking person that I disagree with and enjoy listening to for years on CNBC.  He goes on the capitalist, global banking, investor news channel and talks up his democratic socialistic policies while respecting those who disagree with him.

Bernie is fun and funny to listen to but I disagree with him.

Who is yours?

Please post your comment below. Thank you!

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