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Secret Comedy Club | April 22, 2017 | Location SOLD!!! NO SHOW!


Secret Comedy Club | April 22, 2017 8pm

Comedy Show: April 22, 2017

Jake’s Sports & Spirits

  • 3800 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80205
  • PH: (303) 295-3800
  • W: jakesdenver.com
  • Location Sold
  • No Comedy Shows This Spring
  • Stay Tuned!

Secret Comedy Club - live comedy - top comedians

About This Event

Secret Comedy Club is a funny stand-up comedy show!  We bring the comedy club experience direct to your favorite neighborhood bar, restaurant, theater or night club!  You and your friends can expect:

  • Professional comedians
  • Hand Crafted, Original Comedy
  • Experienced, funny hosts!

Watch This!

#SecretComedyClub Features

  • Full Bar
  • Full Menu
  • Full Comedy Show!

Benefits of #Secret Comedy Club

  • Laugh forever!
  • Meet new people!
  • Make memories!

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Secret Comedy Club

Secret Comedy Club

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