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Secret Comedy Club | May 27, 2017 8pm

Old May’d Tournament!

Secret Comedy Club - Jakes Sports & Spirits - denver - live comedy - may 27, 2017

Secret Comedy Club | May 27, 2017 8pm | Jake’s Sports & Spirits

May 27, 2017 8pm | Stand-up Comedy Show!!!

Secret Comedy Club Location #002

Jake’s Sports & Spirits

  • 3800 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80205
  • PH: (303) 295-3800
  • W: jakesdenver.com
Secret Comed Club - best comedians - Terri Barton Gregg

Terri Barton Gregg Hosts Secret Comedy Club

Return of Terri Barton Gregg!

#LovesTBG is the MC

Comedienne Terri Barton Gregg is the fun and funny host of Secret Comedy Club! Terri jokes around all day and night! She’s fun to hang out with at a comedy show.

Watch Terri Tear It Up At This Valor High School Charity Event

When Terri produces an event it is always fun!

Terri is always coming up with fun and clever ideas. In honor of her fun spirit, this month we decided to invite the audience early for an Old Maid Tournament.

Sign Up Old May’d Tournament!

Pre-Show Event!

Join us in the merry, Mary month of May! Because Secret Comedy Club has an awesome night planned for you!

  • Very funny comedy show
  • Full menu and bar!
  • Pre-Show Old Maid Tournament

Purchase your tickets to the May 27th episode of #SecretComedyClub. Read this post to find out how you can join us for a very special pre-show Old Maid Tournament!

See Why Cat Women Of The Earth Love Secret Comedy Club

#SecretComedyClub Features

  • Professional comedians
  • Original Stand-up Comedy
  • Funny host comedians!

Benefits of #Secret Comedy Club

  • Laugh forever!
  • Meet new people!
  • Get the comedy club experience without the expensive 2 drink minimum!

This month we’re getting May’d Up!

Get there early! Join the fun! Jake’s Sports and Spirits is fun all day and night! Sit anywhere before the show. Then join us in the show room!

  • Awesome patio
  • Giant bar
  • Friendly staff

We love hanging out at Jake’s Sports & Spirits. So this month we’re getting there early to throw an Old Maid Tournament!

How To Join The Old Maid Tournament

  • Purchase your tickets to Secret Comedy Club.
  • Use Promo Code “OLDMAID” to join the tournament.
  • You’ll save a $1 and each ticket holder can enter our Old Maid Tournament.
  • Arrive early, 6:45pm please. Tournament starts at 7pm.
  • Play 1 round at your table
  • Winner from each table entered into the finals!

How To Play Old Maid

We’ll provide the cards. You play and have fun! Get all the details when you join the Secret Comedy Club newsletter.

Object of the Game

(SOURCE: Bicycle.com)


• The goal is to form and discard pairs of cards, and not to be left with the odd card (the Old Maid) at the end.

The Deal

  • Any player shuffles the pack and deals them around, one at a time to each player, until all the cards have been handed out.
  • Players do not need to have an equal number of cards.

How To Play

Each player removes all pairs from his hand face down. If a player has three-of-a-kind, he removes only two of those three cards. The dealer then offers his hand, spread out face down, to the player on his left, who draws one card from it. This player discards any pair that may have been formed by the drawn card. He then offers his own hand to the player on his left. Play proceeds in this way until all cards have been paired except one – the odd queen, which cannot be paired – and the player who has that card is the Old Maid!

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Secret Comedy Club

Location #002

Secret Comedy Club Location #002

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Secret Comedy Club

Location #002

Secret Comedy Club Location #002

Add your email and get 2 FREE TICKETS.

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