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Smart Jokes?

Is the CIA watching you laugh?

If the CIA can figure out my SmartTV then more power to them!

Breaking News: CIA Doing Its Job!

This wikiweek we learned from wikileaks that the CIA can watch and listen through your smartphone and smartTV. Awesome! Here’s what I know about my comedy; it’s big with spies! Am I right!?! A bunch of you are spies just laughing away at the jokes. For the rest of us, we’re not spies. Therefore, we’re probably not prone to CIA spying. So I promise not to hack into your smartTV or smartphone and watch you. I’m just going to try to make you laugh. Cool?

Jokes.ChuckRoy.com Audience SurveyWhat kind of job do you like?

Data Processing Jokes are not my type.

My favorite jobs are blowjobs!

This week on twitter I am Trumping up my dialogue with false enthusiasm and summarizing with ALL CAPS! That’s how to Trump up your spirit. You guys are gonna love it, you really will! Lots of people are laughing the biggest laughs and you will to! You’re gonna love it and the laughter is just bigtime fun! LAUGHING!

Giggle Analytics - Your Logo HereThese Are The Best Puns!

Did you hear the one about the boss? Talk about 'Porn' In the USA!

You’re Going To Love How Funny These Puns Are! FUNNY!

  • When your boss tries to make a joke give it some giggle room!
  • The IT Department keeps emails us hack jokes.
  • I told a joke at work that was so funny my Human Resources Officer wants to hear it!
  • The only thing the Accounting Department can’t count on is a laugh!
  • HONK! If my puns are too slow.

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