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What If Trump Tried Stand-up Comedy?

Write Jokes For The President!

If Trump tried stand-up comedy

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Writing teams are fun! Let’s write jokes together! Today, I’m wondering what it would be like if President Trump tried stand-up comedy. Here’s why. Mr. Trump acts like the Presidency is a day job. He loves his night job of Tweeter in Chief! He’s just like a comedian because he loves his night job more than his day job!

In today’s post you will find:

  • Funny Jokes for President Trump
  • Some tips on writing stand-up comedy
  • An opportunity to write jokes with me!

Caption this photo

Trump on Air Force 1" Food was so bad I had to take an Air Force 2"

#WWTS #WhatWouldTrumpSay

Look at the photo above. President Trump and Melania are stepping off Air Force 1. If Trump tried stand-up comedy he would go for the easiest jokes. If Melania tried stand-up comedy she would recite a Kathleen Madigan album. What kinds of jokes could you write for them?

Ideas For Writing Trump Jokes

• Keep It Funny! We don’t have to agree with your politics; we need to laugh at them!
• Hack jokes are fair game!
• It’s okay to be Russian the writing process!

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Closing Advice

Trump shaking hands with Bill Clinton. Caption, "I want to fuck your wife." #WhoSaidIt Jokes.ChuckRoy.com

Save The Best Jokes For Last!

Trump vs. Clinton is a topic that is slowly fading away. However, it ain’t gone! What kinds of jokes could President Trump write about the Clintons?

Jokes For Trump To Say About The Clintons

  • “I’m going to put the ‘white’ in Whitewater.”
  • “We’re getting a better profit on the Lincoln Bedroom.”
  • “It’s not just the cigar smell they can’t get out of the carpets.”
  • “All the Russians and I talked about is the expensive cost of donating to the Clinton Global Foundation.”

Post Your Best Joke Below

Think about these photos and write some jokes. Post your funniest your jokes to the comment section below.

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