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Joke Writing Exercises!

Work Out Your Jokes

How To Improve Your Writing Muscles

Lets Do It Write!!!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the stand-up comedians that visit Jokes.ChuckRoy.com for Comedy101 tips on joke writing.

Exercises for Stand-up Comedians

  • Write 5 new jokes in 45 minutes.
  • Memorize your set list
  • Rehearse a routine
  • Practice a skill for creating social media (i.e. photography or graphic design)
  • Visualize a successful performance

Can You Write 5 New Jokes?

soccer players stretching. Caption "Join us for writing exercises"

Start By Creating Set-ups

One way to practice joke writing is to create ‘set-ups’. Set-ups are the beginning of a joke. A good set-up introduces the characters or situation for comedy.

Finish These Joke Set-ups

  • How many soccer players does it take to change a light bulb?
  • Three athletes walk into a bar…
  • Why did the comedian cross the road?
  • Practicing a sport is like…
  • Soccer balls are like testicles because…

Caption This Photo?

Pretty yellow building with doors...undescript building. Caption, "This place needs 'Bar Rescue'".

What’s Funny About This Building?

This is a difficult photo to caption. However, the image is captivating and motivated me to post it.

Write Some Jokes

Are you a joke writer? Write some jokes. Post your favorites in the comments section! When other joke writers share their jokes you can comment with laughter and feedback.

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