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Breaking News! We’re Wire Tapped Out!

Susan Rice - wire tapping joke "Know any good laywers?"

Wire Tapper Unmasked!

Former Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, may be the person who unmasked Trump operatives’ names in intelligence reports. She’s in some hot water, which is great for cooking up Rice!

Need jokes? Just add water!

Trump Rice Cooker on Sale Now

Jokes Are Done In 10 Minutes

I’m not sure where this news story will lead. But if I was Susan Rice I’d be trying to get a lawyer!

Wish I Said It!

Susan Rice to President Obama, "Pardon me, Sir?"

What Are Your Susan Rice Jokes?

This is a breaking news comedy topic! The story just broke a few hours ago on Bloomberg.  Can you write some fresh, funny Rice Cooker jokes?  Post yours below!

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