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How Does Stand-up Comedy Help In The Classroom?

Academic Reasons For Project-Based Learning

Is stand-up comedy good for the classroom

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Did you know that I teach Comedy at the Community College of Denver? In 2018, I will start teaching Introduction to the Entertainment Industry. To teach more classes, I enrolled in online courses to get my Associate’s Degree, then Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. My goal is to teach classes in show business.

Today, I’m sharing some of my homework and research. Below, you will find a summary of my latest paper, Standing Up For Stand-up Comedy In The Classroom.

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Summary of “Standing Up For Stand-up Comedy In The Classroom”

How can college professors use stand-up comedy in the classroom? One unique idea is to ask students to watch, perform or produce a stand-up comedy show as part of a project-based learning lesson. Social scientists, such as Anthropologist and comedian Kier Martin, explains that stand-up comedy allows anthropologists need to leave the campus environment to satisfy a scientific need for direct engagement (Martin). The idea of using comedy in the classroom is rare. Comedian Eddie Brille, warm-up act and talent producer for the Late Show with David Letterman, declares he’s never had a teacher use stand-up comedy as a project-based learning tool (Roy). Two researchers, Elijah Carter and Jason Wiles, found no difference in student learning between students that watched videos by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and students that watched comedy videos by Stephen Colbert, John Stewart and John Oliver (Carter, Wiles). However, sociologists studying the use of stand-up comedy discovered that watching a comedian perform specific material helped a women’s prison improve the prisoners’ desire to discuss mental health issues by as much as sixty-percent. In conclusion, stand-up comedy is a new and useful project-based learning tool that allows students to explore ideas such as anthropology, sociology and mental health.

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