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Learn How To Write A Joke

Stand-up Comedian Chuck Roy Shows You How!

Chuck teaches students how to write a joke and perform comedy.

  • Learn by watching short videos.
  • Write your own jokes!
  • Share jokes with a global community of comedy writers.

Watch This Video “COMEDY TIPS: How To Write A Joke”

This unique course lecture video teaches Chuck’s basic joke formula.  For more comedy learning videos visit Comedy101.ChuckRoy.com.

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Visit Comedy101.ChuckRoy.com, my online school for comedy.  Learn how to be funny by watching short videos.

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Joke Writing Exercises!

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What If Trump Tried Stand-up Comedy?

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How To Write Your First Stand-up Comedy Routine

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How To Write A Funny Valentine

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What Would Founding Fathers Do?

#WWFFD? They Would Caption This Photo!!! ...
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Trump Breaks CNN!

Top 5 Tweets That Crashed CNN’s Website ...
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How To Get A Tough Laugh

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Caption This Photo of Ronald Reagan and Donald J Trump

What Would Reagan Say?

Caption This Photo ...
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Young millennials, mostly male, sit around a desert campfire. The people appear to be having a good time camping in the wilderness. Caption, "Gay Bars In Trump's America"

Can you write funny gay jokes in Trump’s America?

Log Cabin Republicans Offered Cabinet Spot At Area-51 ...
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How To Write A Joke While You Wait For Election Results

How To Write A Joke While You Wait For Election Results

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3 tips open mic comedy shows

3 Tips For Open Mic Comedians

How to Stand-up for Quality ...
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How to write a topical joke - comedy

How To Write A Topical Joke

Chuck Roy Puts The “Top” In Topics! ...
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Comedy Triple - Comedy101

Comedy101: The Triple Play

How To Write Three Jokes In A Row ...
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Trumps Hand Up A Skirt Joke

How To Land Jokes At The Office

How To Pick A Safe Target Like A Bank Robber! ...
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Paired Elements - how to write comedy

How To ‘Pear’ Your Jokes

A Comedy Writing Secret ...
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How to write a joke - double entendre

How To Write A Joke – The Double Entendre

1 Reason Why Some Jokes Have 2 Sides ...
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How To Write Gary Johnson Jokes

Political Dick Joke Techniques From Comedy101 ...
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Introduction To Joke Writing - Comedy101

Introduction To Joke Writing

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Who nose? - Can you write a joke about this?

3-Steps To Write Your Own Joke

Chuck Roy's Secret Joke Writing Formula ...
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British Economics - Brexit jokes

British Economic Cycle Puns

Scotland Signs Up For A G Rated Version of Braveheart Scotland and Ireland are about to leave the Kingdom of ...
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How do you know if your street sweeper is a Democrat?

Street Sweeps Week!

WRITTEN BY: Chuck Roy  Follow @ChuckRoy I see this sign on my walk home from my part-time job.  It always ...
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Grandma Where Did You Get That Film

Stock Photo Joke

Stock Photo Joke When I saw this stock photo I was immediately inspired to write the caption, "Grandma!  Where did ...
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Chicks Talk A Lot

Do Chicks Talk A Lot? While searching for photos at stocksnap.io I found this photo and wrote this joke in ...
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Boxing Bears - Mother Jones magazine

Mother Jones Magazine Joke

Boxing Bears | Mother Jones Magazine Joke NBC's Brian Williams reports that Mother Jones Magazine dropped a left hook on ...
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Bearly Writing

Bearly Writing Today's post features a topic for You Write The Joke.  The Fighting Bears are fighting over who can ...
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You Write The Joke

What Did The Retirement Planner Say? ...
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