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EUGE! Chuckles


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Read how EUGE! Chuckles is ‘delighting audiences for its entire existence’!

“Denver Comedy Titans”

About EUGE! Chuckles

Join the fun with EUGE! Chuckles – our monthly stand-up comedy show!  Laugh with us LIVE or watch our free live broadcast at EUGEshow.com.   Veteran comedians Eugene Kenny and Chuck Roy team up to present the next generation of comedy shows.  Funny comedians get to perform in front of a hot crowd and a live audience watching from around the world on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any device connected to EUGEshow.com!  Eugene directs HD cameras while Chuck Roy hosts the show.  Laugh all night with great stand-up comedy and surprise games like “Let’s Do Improv!”

About Eugene Kenny

Technically speaking Eugene Kenny is a comedy nerd.   He write, produces and broadcasts comedy shows at EUGEshow.com.   The Friday Night Showcase is the first comedy show in Denver to live stream on-line.  The talk show EUGE! interviews amateur comedians offering an inside look at chasing a dream.

About Chuck Roy

Chuck Roy is Bearly on HULU!  He’s the stand-up comedy performing Bear featured in two comedy specials, Ralphie May Filthy Animal Tour and Louie Anderson Presents!  Tuesdays, the Happy Bear teaches comedy at the Community College of Denver.  This fall he’s Bearly Touring to promote The Gnashing, his first major indie film.

Comedy Nerd? Watch Space Station Conundrum

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Support your favorite local comedian with a comment below.  Tell us your favorite comic’s name and add a link to their website, twitter or facebook page!  We’ll do our best to set you up with a EUGE! Chuckle from your favorite comic!