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Connect with our audience!  Jokes.ChuckRoy.com and Colorado Comedy Shows provide hand crafted, original comedy.  Your business can meet new people with Your Logo Here marketing solutions.

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Do you need social media to share?

Yes, you do!  Marketing experts agree that sharing original content helps you engage with your audience.  Connect to the best audience we know, Jokes.ChuckRoy.com visitors!

How To Connect With Our Audience

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Advertising with comedy

  • Share our blog post on facebook.
  • Challenge your twitter followers to write a joke.
  • Give away tickets to a comedy show!

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Here’s What We Know About Jokes.ChuckRoy.com Visitors

We’re growing!

  • New users enjoy 80% of our visits!
  • Returning customers are active on surveys.
  • Secret Comedy Club customers love our comedians!

You can introduce yourself to our audience with an easy, 30-day Your Logo Here Basic Marketing Solution.

This Is What Giggle Analytics Reveals About Our Audience:

  • Enjoy online videos
  • Love comedy
  • Like reading
  • Love movies
  • Look at real estate
  • Are avid Technophiles
  • Entertainment fans
  • Political New Junkies
  • Love joke writing

Try a few messages.  This cool new feature is available with our Your Logo Here Silver Series marketing solution.

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Do you need to connect with our audience?

Jokes.ChuckRoy.com is growing fun new ways to reward and engage our audience.  Connect to fun, funny people!

Marketing Features

  • Funny posts and social media
  • Customized Landing Page
  • Your web banner ad in blog posts
  • Add a coupon or download!

Your best investment is the Your Logo Here Comedy Gold marketing solution!

Benefits of Jokes.ChuckRoy.com Advertising

  • Support local comedy!
  • Meet a new audience!
  • Grow your social media opportunities!
  • Deliver your custom offer!



What is Your Logo Here?

What is Web Banner Advertising?

Secret Comedy Club - live comedy - top comedians

What is Comedy Show Advertising?

  • On Stage Announcements
  • Bar Signage
  • Posters, fliers, street teaming
  • Event page promotions
  • We track it all with Giggle Analytics.

How can I learn more?

  • We’re glad you asked!  Because we were about to offer you our catalog.

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